Monika and Jara are getting to know each other in a café in Gothenburg, Sweden. Monika has a gift for Jara – her book that had been published recently. It’s a story about the journey of her uncle.

It’s the 50’s of the 20th century in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia. Mitre Jankulovski(19) and four of his friends decide to go across the border, which is strongly forbidden. The plan is to get to America via Greece. They start their journey through the snow in the mountains.

Made from the book:


The Erl king

Spring of 1999, Serbia. Nine-year-old Sava and his mother live in a Belgrade highrise. His father is absent, working on a cargo ship sailing the world’s seas. This relatively normal life is disrupted by the onset of the air-strikes on FR Yugoslavia. As the bombing raids also begin in a general atmosphere of tension, disbelief and despair, which radically change Sava’s life. His school is closed down, the air raid shelter becomes his second home, and Milica, the young daughter of the local priest that he’s in love with, leaves the country with her mother and sisters.