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Credits / festivals / awards

Director: Goran TRENCHOVSKI
Screenplay: Eleonora VENINOVA
(based on the book of Bratislav TASHKOVSKI)
Co-Screenwriters: Biljana GARVANLIEVA, Goran TRENCHOVSKI
Cinematographer: Apostol TRPESKI
Editor: Andrija ZAFRANOVIC, Aristid FILAKTOV
Music: Darko SPASOVSKI, Goran KERKEZ
Producer: Dejan MILOSHEVSKI
Production: Revolution – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Running time: 83 min.
Languаges: Macedonian

Principal Cast:


  • The Golden Linden (Int’l Film Festival of New European Cinema), Stara Zagora, 2018
  • Ravno Selo Film Festival, 2018
  • Trimak Film Festival, Locarno, 2018
  • KineNova Film Festival, Skopje, 2018
  • Cardiff International Film Festival, 2018 – BEST FOREIGN FEATURE FILM
  • Film Festival, Bengaluru, 2017
  • DetectiveFest (Law & Society), Moscow, 2017 – OFFICIAL JURY DIPLOMA
  • Love Film Festival, Perugia, 2017 – GOLDEN GRIFFON – BEST FOREIGN FILM
  • South East European Film Festival (SEEFF), Berlin, 2017
  • Jagran Film Festival, New Delhi / Mumbai, 2017 – BEST FOREIGN FILM
  • Balkan Film Food Festival, Pogradec, 2017 – BEST BALKAN SPIRIT
  • Krajina Film Festival, Bihac, 2017
  • Love is Folly IFF, Varna, 2017
  • Central European Film Festival, Timisoara, 2017
  • International Film Festival of Film Directing, Leskovac, 2017
  • Balkan Film Fest, Brno, 2017
  • International Historical And Military Film Festival, Warsaw, 2017 – BRONZE SABER
  • New Jersey Film Festival, USA, 2017 – BEST FEATURE FILM
  • International Film Festival of Debut Films “Beginning”, St. Petersburg, 2017 – SPECIAL AWARD “ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA”
  • Euro-In-Film (Festival of the European and Independent Film), Novi Sad, 2017
  • AWARD “St. 15 Tiberiopolian Martyrs”, 2017
  • Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola, 2016
  • Raindance Film Festival, London, 2016
  • Macedonian Cinema Days, Sydney, 2016
  • Macedonian Film Festival, Toronto, 2016

Credits / festivals / awards

Original format: 2K ARRIRAW
Year of release: 2014
Running time: 87`
Director: Antonio Mitrikeski
Producer: Dejan Milosevski
Editor: Andrija Zafranovik
Screen Writer: Gordan Mihic
Director of Photography: Jaroslaw Szoda
Music: Vlatko Stefanovski
Principal Cast: Ivana Pavlakovik, Kire Dzotevski, Meto Jovanovski, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic

Best Feature Film – Macedonian Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2014
Best Director – Macedonian Cinema Days Film Festival, Husrtville, USA, 2015


  • International Film Festival, Varna, Bulgaria, 2015
  • Macedonian Cinema Days – Film Festival, Hurstville, USA, 2015
  • Tetovo Film Festival, Macedonia, 2015
  • FEST International Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2015
  • Beijing International Film Festival, China, 2015
  • Beloit International Film Festival, USA, 2015
  • Raindance Film Festival, London, UK, 2014
  • International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Macedonia, 2014

Credits / festivals / awards

Four very different people live in the same building but avoid each other because of differences in how they live their lives, what they believe in, and where they come from. They would probably never exchange a word, but misfortune pushes them towards each other. Their lives entangle in ways that profoundly challenge deep-held beliefs and prejudices surrounding material status, sexual orientation, nationality and religion.

Slowly, and even painfully, they begin to open up to each other and recognize the essential humanity each of them possesses.


  • 2th Forteca Internacional Film Festival, Perast, Montenegro, 2018
    “Best Film”
    “Special award: Nebojša Glogovac”
  • 3th SEEFF 2018, Berlin, Germany, 2018
    “Best Film”
    “Best performer: Nebojša Glogovac”
  • 7th BaNeFF, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018
    “Best Film”
    “Honorary Prize: Ksenija Marinković”
  • 6th Tuzla Film Festival, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017
    “Best film”
  • 10th CinEast − Central and Eastern European Film Festival, Luxembourg, 2017
    “Audience Award”
  • International Film Co-production Competition WaMa, Olsztyn, Poland, 2017
    “Audience Award”
  • Croatian Feature Films Festival, Vinkovci, Croatia, 2017
    Best film: “The Constitution”
  • 25th Raindance Film Festival, London, Great Britain, 2017
    Best film: “The Constitution”
    Best script: Rajko Grlic & Ante Tomic
    Best performer: Nebojša Glogovac
  • Oostende Film Festival, Oostende, Belgium, 2017
    “Taste of Europe Competition – Winner”
  • 3th Seanema Film Festival, Ulcinj, Monte Negro, 2017
    “Best Feature Film”
  • 52nd Niš Film Meetings, Niš, Serbia, 2017
    “Grand Prix” – Nebojša Glogovac
  • 64th Pula Film Festival, Pula, Croatia, 2017
    “European Film Critic award Fedeora”
    “Golden Arena for Best Screenplay” – Rajko Grlić and Ante Tomić
    “Golden Arena for Best Actor” – Nebojša Glogovac
    “Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actor” – Dejan Aćimović
    “Golden Arena for Best DOP” – Branko Linta

  • Story Hall of Fame, Zagreb, Croatia, 2017
    “Croatian film of the year”
  • 12th SEEfest – South East European Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2017
    “Bridging the Borders Award – best film”
  • 18th Film Festival Internazionale, Milano, Italy, 2017
    “Best female supporting role” – Ksenija Marinković
    “Best male supporting role” – Dejan Aćimović
  • 18th European Film Festival, Lecce, Italy, 2017
    “Best Screenplay” – Rajko Grlić and Ante Tomić
    “SNGCI Award – European Actor of the year” – Nebojša Glogovac
    “The Audience Award”
  • 14th Zinegoak Film Festival, Bilbao, Spain, 2017
    “Diversity and Human Rights Award”
    “Best supporting role” – Ksenija Marinkovic
  • 31th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA, 2017
    “Jeffrey C. Barbakow Award for Best International Feature Film”
  • 9th LIFFE, Leskovac, Serbia, 2016
    “Golden Hazelnut – best actress” – Ksenija Marinkovic
    “Golden Hazelnut – best actor” – Nebojša Glogovac
  • 19th Slovenian Film Festival, Portoroz, Slovenia, 2016
    “Vesna – best Slovenian co-production”
    “Vesna – best Costume Design” – Leo Kulas
  • 40th World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, 2016
    “Grand Prize of the Americas (Best Film)”

Credits / festivals / awards

This is the first Macedonian indie film funded by the actors and a large part of the team. The first part of the film consists of only two scenes shot in two takes”, representatives of Cinnamon Media Factory told FNE.

The film follows Mira, a lawyer in trouble, who plants a bomb under the car of her brother Stevo on the day when Macedonia declares the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to save the family from disintegration. The plot gradually reveals a game full of misunderstandings, love and passion. Stevo survives the assassination and a year later inaugurates a cinema called “Love”, an idea and life dream of Mira’s husband.


Macedonian actors Dejan Lilic and Jelena Zugic play the main roles. The cast also includes Robert Ristov, Mirjana Ristov, Blagoj Chorevski and Robert Veljanovski.


  • Director: Jani Bojadzi
  • Scriptwriter: Jani Bojadzi
  • Producer: Dejan Milosevski
  • Music: Goran Trajkovski
  • Cast: Jelena Zugic, DejanLilic, Robert Ristov, Mirjana Ristov, Blagoj Chorevski, Robert Veljanovski

Production Information:

Cinema Love by Jani Bojadzi

Producer: Cinnamon Media Factory (North Macedonia)
Revolution Production  (North Macedonia)


Credits / festivals / awards

Gligor, a young misfit from a countryside becomes marked by his instinctive need to deal with irregularities which a time-storm imposes.

He is recalling the dramatic scenes of the past – from rattle games, from delicate moments with Maria, from the foreign mockery and from the pointless heroism – he finally comes across an absurd ring like a new purified and transformed man devoted to his native hearth and God’s salvation.


  • Producer: Dejan Miloshevski (Revolution – Skopje, MK
  • Editor: Aristid Filaktov
  • Music: Dragan Dautovski
  • Cast: Kosta Angov, Zora Gjorgieva, Salaetin Bilal, Martina
  • Taparchevska, Kostadin Drvarov
  • Director: Goran Trenchovski
  • Producer: Dejan Milosevski
  • Editing: Aristid Filaktov
  • Screenplay: Vase Manchev
  • Director of Photography: Slagjan Milosevski
  • Music: Dragan Dautovski


  • LX Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (2-6 April 2013)
  • XVI Skopje Film Festival (19-27 April 2013)
  • III SEE a Paris – South-East European Film Festival (22-25 May 2013)
  • II Strumica Open Festival (15 August 2013)
  • X Cultural Capital – Kriva Palanka (21 August 2013)
  • III I See God – Moscow (24-25 August 2013)
  • XXXIV Manaki Brothers – Bitola (14-20 September 2013)
  • II Other Movie – Lugano Film Festival (23-27 October 2013)
  • III UGD Scena – Stip (4 December 2013)
  • IV Shortz Film Festival – Novi Sad (13-15 December 2013)
  • XXIX Short Film Market – Clermont-Ferrand (31 January – 8 February 2014)
  • III Tracce Cinematografiche Film Fest – Nettuno, Roma (22-25 May 2014)
  • XX Kosice Film Fest (18-21 June 2014)
  • XI Cultural Capital – Krusevo (26 June 2014)
  • Retrospective of Macedonian Film – Berovo (6 July 2014)
  • III Tuzla Film Festival (11 September 2014)
  • V CinemAvvenire Film Festival – Roma (12-21 December 2014)
  • Film Evening: Faces, Memories – Strumica (19 September 2015)
  • VIII Bosh Fest – Gevgelija (26-28 August 2016)