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Golden Five

At the 36th International Film Festival in New Jersey, Macedonian feature film “Golden Five”, directed by Goran Trencovski, won the Grand Prix for Best Feature Film.


The Constitution

Four very different people live in the same building but avoid each other because of differences in how they live their lives, what they believe in, and where they come from. 

Best Feature Film | Best Director

The Children of the Sun

“The Children of the Sun” is a tale of family and loyalty, love and loss, betrayal and redemption. As the Mob destroys the life of a big family and leaves them on the brink of survival, a powerful, yet secret love, burns between Marko (a gangster) and Angela – two high school sweethearts.

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This is the first Macedonian indie film funded by the actors and a large part of the team. The first part of the film consists of only two scenes shot in two takes”, representatives of Cinnamon Media Factory told FNE. Macedonian actors Dejan Lilic and Jelena Zugic play the main roles.

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Gligor, a young misfit from a countryside becomes marked by his instinctive need to deal with irregularities which a time-storm imposes. He is recalling the dramatic scenes of the past – from rattle games, from delicate moments with Maria, from the foreign mockery and from the pointless heroism – he finally comes across an absurd ring like a new purified and transformed man devoted to his native hearth and God’s salvation.